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Hello everyone, i am Happy to announce that we have a new ArmA 3 Server running,
the current server name is : ITS Teamwork / Coop and ull find the server via ip :

The Server is currently running on 10 slots, allso we have ACE and Task Force Radio running.

You are welcome to join anytime as we have currently the " Battlezone Altis" on server wich is a Domination style Scenario.

Another news is, that were planning a Monthly Event on our Servers wich will post on the Forums and you can sign in if you wanna join!

We allso decided to give our community members the option to host their own Events on our Servers, all you need to do is - making a post in the Forum to make peoples aware to join the event, we will allso be able to set a password on servers wich used for an event to give you guys a good experience and getting not disturbed by anyone, if there is a event going on we will allso set a extra Teamspeak channel for the Event.

NIFN has been promoted to Private first Class and Razor has left the Team and is now a Veteran.

Thats it so far,

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