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Happy new Year 2019!

This Website will be closed /soon/ to move the domain to the new website,
please login to save any files or messages or any data you wont loose.

Our game servers are offline and were going to restart our own servers immediately with a SWAT 4 SEF Mod server, Insurgency Sandstorm, Squad & Ground Branch. We are asking kindly for Donations wich you can donate here with this link : https://zap-hosting.com/de/shop/donation/49f9bbb8e4bacde5da0e03e9b8eb5812/

The SWAT 4 SEF Mod server is already Online. The server needs to be setup with some tweaks to provide a good gaming experience, you can find the server via SWAT 4 stats by looking for " ITS Teamwork SEF 6.4" or use direct ip to join:

Best Regards,

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