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A lot of good news!

We have a Traileeeee!
Void Interactive has released the reveal trailer for the most anticipated game Ready or Not.
The game will be fully released in q4 2020 but it has a beta access for owners of the standard preorder version beginning in June 2020 and Alpha access for owners of the Supporter edition starting August 2019. The ITS Unit is planing to support the Ready or Not game directly from day 1 starting with the Alpha version in August 2019 and developing our team around the game within the next "Years" We will host servers for Ready or Not including Cooperative and Multiplayer servers to continue with our communtiy tactical gaming and great teamwork!

We starting to get closer contacts with the Ready or Not Community and we did setup a SWAT 4 1.1 VIP Mode server for the RoN Community, with behalf of *faQ's permission, wich is a Moderator on the Ready or Not Subreddit.
You can find the "Ready or Not Community Server" server with ip:

We have a new Coop server running with custommaps in the Stechkov Syndicate SWAT 4X 1.0
The server runs with the *ETS COOP Custom Maps v5.0* - You may Download it here: https://mega.nz/#F!wpgl2AqB!IYuUd1j2_vdmKB82XtNFMg?4ogFgZ6C
You can find the server with the ip:

The RoN Community Vip server and the New Custommap Coop server in TSS, has been sponsored by ITS|Special3lite|Rct.
*Thank you Bro!*

I wont forgot to mention that we have currently 5 new applicants on the pipeline wich is pretty impressive!
*I hope you guys will make it :)*

!UPDATE! : ALL servers are currently OFFLINE due to a system upgrade & maintenance
we expect to have them up & running quite /SOON/

We have currently 6 Servers Online in Swat 4, Insurgency Sandstorm and Ground Branch
All Servers have the name "ITS TeamWork" with possible additions.
Sever IP s for SWAT:
ITS TeamWork SEF: - SEF Mod
ITS TeamWork Hell: - SWAT 4 1.1
ITS TeamWork TSS Custom: - SWAT4X 1.0
Ready or Not Community Server - SWAT4 1.1
ITS TeamWork for Insurgency Sandstorm:
ITS TeamWork for Ground Branch:

You can find the password for the SEF Teamwork Server in Discord or ask in forum/Discord/steam for it;)

This Website will be closed /soon/ to move the domain to the new website,
please login to save any files or messages or any data you wont loose.

Best Regards,

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