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Finally, after years of waiting we recieved the sacred file of neko,s Vault.

Neko is a former FP Member - FP is better known as Frostys Playhouse,
was a very big American community and they hosted a lot of Servers back in the days - allso servers for SWAT 4.

Neko were developing SNITCH for the FP community so far i know and were happy to hold it in our hands.

SNITCH does add some minor changes to the game, such as a score system, bounty system, more suspects on the map,
some extra players features and more .. btw - it is allso damn challenging even to, so called "Old Hands"

He were so kind to give us permission to host servers with his awesome, amazing, awe inspring server side mod!
Yes, it is server side- you dont need anything to download & install to join our new ITS Teamwork HELL Server on the Stechkov Syndicate.

We are really Happy to finally serve this MOD for all European Players as the FP Servers were only good for American players due to the High pings.

Currently the Server is in a testing mode as we need to figure out some new informations and gameplay stuff
because the mod includes a ton of new features you have never seen in the game before ..

We will update the page with Informations about the Mod within the next days and welcome you all to join our Party!

You can find server ips, and more info on our server page : http://www.its-team.eu/app.php/page/servers

For all wich are curious to get more info about - you can read it here : http://www.moddb.com/mods/swat4-snitch-mod-pack-v165-r12

Best regards,

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