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Swat's up everybody ?

On the last teammeting we decided some new Membership rules of Dutys for Members in the Unit.
All changes will take effect immediately!

From now on there will be a few mandatory for Unit Members:
Participate at least 1 Training per Month.
Stay Active on Forum to check for news, trainingschedule, confirm attendance or confirm your absence.
Stay in touch with Unit Members by joining Teamspeak, Discord and join Gameservers.

*Unit Members wich doesnt confirm "Off duty" after 1 month of inactivity on forum or PM, Chat, email, etc. to the Unit Leaders,
will recieve a "mark" for future demotions.
*Unit Members wich are 1 month inactive receive announcement from Unit Leader by PM.*
*Unit Members wich are still inactive after being contacted have the option to report em back for "Duty" within 4 weeks
on forums or PM, Chat, email, etc. to the Unit Leaders or reactivate by participating at least 1 Training within following 4 weeks.
*Unit Members wich been inactive for 2 months will be automatically kicked off by the Unit after final decision on Teammeetings.

The Recruitment will be re-opened -semi public- thru Training sessions / Gameevents while we check your performance on teamwork and tactics / Skill level and personal stats.
If the Unit decide that a particular Operator is a candidate to join the Unit we will invite the Operator to start an application to the ITS Unit.

To join a Training just register on the page or look out for the schedule for Training / Gameevents on forums and post your participation.

Thats it so far,

Best regards,

*Semper Paratus*

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