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News Archive Octobre 2018

Postby Ready! » Fri Oct 05, 2018 8:02 am

Official ITS Team Summer Break

Hello everybody, it seems that the sun is luring us out to enjoy the Summertime with friends, partys, swimming and a lot of beer..
thats why we decided to call out a summer break where the team activities like trainings, gamesession and meetings are taken off from the usual
schedule and we will restart our common activities when the following fall brings back the rain and coldness - somewhere around september / october.
We're still on stand by but hiding in the shadows till we get called to the arms..
Looking forward to meet you all again for some great game / hardcore training sessions in fall and lets hope that we get some good news on the development of Ready or Not till that!

*Semper Paratus*

For any Newcomers interested to join the Unit - youre welcome to join game / training sessions to meet the members in action

Best regards,
I do not expect you to be perfect, but I want you to always work towards that!

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