Swat 4 member admin access

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Swat 4 member admin access

Postby sander » Tue Nov 29, 2016 9:43 pm

Hello everyone,

Starting today all members get swat 4 admin access.

Some server commands have been restricted, but you will be able to ban players. Always make a report of it with ip and time so we can see if it should be permanent or not.

Also an important note: At the lower right, you'll see a button labelled "Server Settings". NEVER use it - don't click on it - as it can destroy the server configuration file
I am working on a way that defcon, recon and kazik can also change the game modes risk free in 2 min

Web-admin access will be provided at a later time.

for easy use of admin tools download the ACM mod from marks mod it will give you a graphical interface.
Vanilla : http://www.markmods.com/?feeder=true&pa ... d&modID=54
TSS : http://www.markmods.com/?feeder=true&pa ... d&modID=55

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