News Archive Dec. 2017

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News Archive Dec. 2017

Postby Ready! » Sat Feb 03, 2018 2:14 pm

Hello everyone & welcome visitors!

Wow, what a great Header now on our page, Its awesome huh ?

We have some good news for you: Our SWAT 4 Vanilla Server will remain to play on so we have 3 SWAT Servers Online ;)

You may notice another new feature on the website as we finally integrated Discord.. You can join by clicking on the "Join Server" Button or follow this invite link:, we still need to work around with the Discord thingy to set everything, but you may join us to hang out for a chat or hook up for a game.

2017 was a great Year for ITS as we managed to get new Members, started 2 new servers with Nekos "SNITCH Mod" and recieved a lot of likes on youtube for our gameplay. Were currently at 73 subscribers and around 18k views. I would like to thank anyone who supported us with Donations, community support, website design, gameplay on our servers and youtube subscriptions.

I hope we continue on next year with the same approach to achive awesome teamwork, great rounds and a lot of fun!

As you may already noticed we're going to prepare the support for "Ready or Not" step by step followed by community support, sharing news,
Alpha / Beta testing and Servers as far its released.

We are still recruiting mature minded gamers to our Squad!

So, yea thats it!

I wish you all the best presents for Xmas and and a happy new year!

Take a look at the new PAYPAL button on the BOTTOM LEFT SIDE to help our community.
If you like to support our servers to play on it we ask kindly for Donations.

Best regards,

I do not expect you to be perfect, but I want you to always work towards that!

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