News Archive Apr. 2018

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News Archive Apr. 2018

Postby DefCon5 » Tue Apr 17, 2018 9:36 pm

Hello everyone,

2018 just started with a lot of news, the very first is that the good old Special Operations Group is back in business and it seems that were in some way in partnership with SOG. Currently there are no plans for the partnership but we may do some gaming sessions together and maybe some trainings or Vip matches. If you never met the SOG Family i recommend to visit the homepage on to have a look around and if youre familar with the guys just register on the page and say Hello!

The next news is that we have our SWAT 4 TSS Coop Server back with 10 slots to play on. We have now 4 Swat servers online, 2 Hell servers and 2 normal coop servers on the Scene. It is currently not sure how long the 4 servers will stay as the ressources may be used for other servers.

The bad news are that Sander left ITS and went back to SOG. SOG was hist very first gaming community and he made a lot of friends there, so basically hes back home now and we wish him all the best on his new Home SOG. Were still friends and we dont blame him for that as it was the only solution.

Some other good news is that we successfully recruited Eddie. Eddie is a nice dude and allso a part of TAW (The art of Warfare) he will be in service for ITS together with Wolf by organizing the future Training sessions, following by that we have now 2 new Training Officers wich are Wolf & Eddie.

We decided to STOP our public recruitment and going instead to invite players to join ITS as far they fit our recruiting requirements.
The recruiting process will get an update within the next days and it is currently NOT recommnded to start an application.

We allso decided to bring back the final tests for new applicants wich needs to proof their skill by playing alone a certain map and allso leading a full element (5 players). This tests are made to check the applicants before we decide if they finally allowed to join ITS as fullmembers.

All current and future applications are immediately affected by this requirements.

We are going to reform the Unit by holding weekly Training sessions for the Members, friends and hand sorted players wich likes to attend the sessions. The training sessions will be hold from now at each Sunday per week.

Our ranking system will be taken off soon as were going to use only functional structures within the basic membership, such as Squad leader, Team leader, Training Officer etc.

We decided to go back to our roots by representing a "Tactical Unit" wich is based on a "Elite" like group of hand sorted Members & Squad based systems to keep up the ITS standards wich are based on excellence, service, pride & dedication to represent the Instinct Tactical Squad in best manner.
Our goal is not to have a big amount of players - our goal is to get the best players in service.

Thats it so far,

Best regards,
I do not expect you to be perfect, but I want you to always work towards that!

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