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About Us!

Postby DefCon5 » Tue Jan 27, 2015 3:59 am

The Instinct Tactical Squad, founded by DefCon5 in the end of 2005, short form "ITS", is a well known, unique, independent, social and mature team of gamers, enjoying teamwork & tactical gameplay on the highest level. The Instinct Tactical Squad is distinguished by pointing out serious teamplay - using qualified, trusted, active and mature gaming. We do play the game as a team with the right touch of teamspirit and perfection.

With around 15 years of experience in Tactical Gameplay on the CQB environment, does ITS offer a huge knowledge base to the members, regular Players and newcomers as a daily duty. Our influence is growing out over our servers and affecting the community to these current days. We represent one of the best cooperative teams out there - our members are sorted out by hand to present the best gamers to the community. With our Game & Teamspeak server, we offer a service to Gamers which are looking for mature minded tactical teamwork and squad-based gameplay.

We are not just playing the game as an arcade game, our gameplay is based on Strategy, realism, conviction and experience, we are trying hard to catch the last bit of the game to max out the gameplay & teamwork. We train hard to the maximum, to offer service on skill-based gameplay to our members. We do proudly present our TAG - as it is our certifacte of unique tactics and high level tactical gaming to the community. We have well trained members and we rule every round as a strong team. We test our recruits to the maximum of the possible to make sure that we recieve members which definately fits our requirements.
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