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Swat 4 Multiplayer Guideline

Postby DefCon5 » Mon Dec 29, 2014 2:22 am

This is a small guideline to a sucessful cooperative gaming experience on servers in SWAT 4 Coop / Teamdeathmatch modes.

= Teamwork
Play as an Element = Rambo & Solo gameplay is NOT welcome.
Follow the rules of Engagement! Tactical Teamwork Expected!
Be friendly,fair & nice , remember you are visiting servers as a guest
Keep the Chat clear while the round is running = unless you are playing.
It is not recommended to enter rooms alone, make sure you have a Buddy / Element to Advance.
It is not recommended to enter Rooms without a clear "Go Code" = "Lets move,GO GO GO,Open and Clear"
English language is mandatory-exceptions are translations.
Do not rush around - allways play smooth and patient.
Do not push players to kill anyone else such as Civilans,Suspects or teammates.
No Discrimination of any kind against Members and other players.
Do not Votekick for any players without Serious reasons, such as Ruleviolations.
No Teamviolence = Teamtaze,Teamkill,etc

= Rules of Engagement
The Use of deadly force by Lethal weapons is allways restricted to a minimum !
The use of lethal Force against suspects who are presenting a immediate treat is allowed.
The use of Lethal Force to Kill or Incap a suspect without having used all possible tactical options is NOT welcome.

*subject to modifications
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