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Insurgency Server rules

Postby DefCon5 » Tue Jan 27, 2015 6:47 pm

Main information :

Be aware that our Server provides Tactical Pro Gaming ONLY.
We have a zero Tolerance here! - Admins take a "Low tolerance" approach.
Admin Actions will taken after any rule violations without a prior warning.
Follow the rules of Engagement! Tactical Teamwork Expected!

General rule 1 = Teamwork :
Play as an Element = Rambo & Solo gameplay is NOT allowed here !

1.1) Be friendly,fair & nice , remember you are as a guest here.

1.2) Keep the Radio / Chat "clear" while the round is running = unless you are playing.

1.3) Squad up ! Play with your Team - allways stay with your teammates and cover them.

1.4) Players are not allowed to start arguing with the Leaders while the round is running.

1.5) You are allowed to Deny Orders if the Order is useless or leading into Dangerous Situations.

1.6) Do not move alone / without a Buddy / Element to Advance.

General Rule 2 = Be welcome!
Be Serious,professional & Mature!

2.1) English language is mandatory-exceptions are translations.

2.2) Do not rush around - allways play smooth and patient.

2.3) Do not push players to kill teammates.

2.4) Do not Vote a new Map while the game is Running.

2.5) Do not use controversial / Offending Nicknames

2.6) No abusive Language/Namecalling

2.7) No Discrimination of any kind against Members and other players.

2.8) Do not Votekick for any players without Serious reasons, such as Ruleviolations.

2.9) No Teamviolence = Teamkill,etc

2.10) No recruitings or Advertisement for other Clans !

*(Subject to modifications)
I do not expect you to be perfect, but I want you to always work towards that!

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