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Arma 3 and Mods

Postby Iceman0508 » Sat Sep 30, 2017 12:15 am

Arma is a really complex game, but some people need even more: realistic combat, better radios, more weapons/vehicles or even more movement abilities. Mods always need time to install but since arma 3 has the steam workshop compatibility here are some links for the workshop. Just subscribe to the mods and you will always be up to date. It also will be installed and the only thing you must do is to activate the mods in the Arma 3 launcher under „Mods“.

But first things first: to use most of the available mods you need the community based addon or for short the CBA mod

CBA ... =450814997

Next would be a better communication. What would be better to have actual radios and the ability to just speak to another player? Introducing Task force arrowhead radio or short TFAR. You get different radios with different ranges, Some vehicles now get their own radios and playing with a big community requires the new job radio operator who carries a long range radio to stay in contact with command. Note: The name on steam is just task_force_radio. You still need to use TS and install a plugin to TS.

task_force_radio ... =620019431

Now we get into some expansions. First we can get an advanced combat environment where you get an advanced ballistic with gravity AND windage. Also you get a new way for medical treatment. You get different injuries and must treat it with different equipment like bandages, NaCl infusion, Blood or plasma infusions etc.. This is called ACE 3. This Mod introduces new ways to play as medic or as sniper. The one shot is not as easy as in the vanilla Arma and the Medic needs to know how to treat wounds right and give the right medicine.

Ace 3 ... =463939057

In Ace you get some new markers for the map for better tactical advancement. To get even more you can add the sweet markers mod

sweet markers ... =324952672

Moving in a group can sometimes be chaotic especially in open spaces like fields. Here the Shacktac User interface gives you a small „radar“ which show friendlies who are in short range.

shacktac User interface ... =498740884

Did you ever wanted to parachute but you still want to carry a backpack? Then backpack on chest is a mod for you.

backpack on chest ... =820924072

Many real operating forces with sniper teams do not have Sniper with just a bolt action sniper rifle. Most of the time the sniper rifle is concealed in a weaponcase or in a bag. In arma some rifles do not fit into a bag like the Cheytac, so you have to choose whether you want to use a sniper rifle OR a short to mid range weapon. After a long search for a bag i found the mod double weapon which allows you to shoulder a weapon. So you can carry two primary or two secondary at once. But beware of the weight.

Double weapon ... =893533353

Now we get into more clothes/weapons/vehicles.
There are many new things in the RHS mods. The package contains four Mods: Russia federation, US forces, „Green forces“ and Serbian forces.

RHS packages ... =843770737

To run this with ace you need some compatibility files:

RHS ACE compatible files ... =876893560

RHS Russian Federation compatibility ... =773131200

RHS US Forces compatibility ... =773125288

RHS Gref compatibility ... =884966711

Even though it is a war crime chemicals are often used in war. This Mod introduces chemical Warfare. Counter chemicals or use it. It is your choice!

Chemical warfare Mod ... 1095745477

You need even more vehicles? Then this is a mod for you.

3CB BAF Vehicles ... =893349825

The veteran mod introduces many US vehicles and weapons. It also expands the range of Wests and suits.

Veteran mod ... 1132375156

Some mods of the Bundeswehr, the german military, introducing cloths, equipment and vehicles. You need ace for that and the compatibility mod

Compatibility ... =870313336

BWMOD ... =870276636

More clothes from the Bundeswehr:

Bundeswehr Kleiderkammer ... =835394852

Now that we have dozens of ground vehicles lets switch to air combat: the following mods introducing self explaining Models but first we need weapons for our new aircraft.

FIR AWS(AirWeaponSystem) ... =366425329

Huey Pack ... =370592133

The Longbow - AH64 Apache Helicopter ... =745865494

Boeing CH-47F V1.17 ... =634535057

F15 ... =582478120

F22 ... 1114015070

The next mod is for better helmets with heads-up Displays for the pilots.

HMDs MOD Helmet mod ... =312724602

The last weapon expansion mod introduces an Anti-Materiel Rifle. I did not test it in combat but since it only holds one bullet and is really heavy it should pack a punch to vehicles. Like I said I only shot at quads and it was very effective.

Anti-Materiel Rifle 25 KKiv Model 2035 ... =933340798

Now that we have enough weapons and vehicles we could spend some time for movements and interactions. If you ever wanted to go down a helicopter or building by rope this mods could grant it for arma:

advanced rappeling ... =713709341

advanced urban rappeling ... =730310357

Next would be to fly out even heavier things by helicopter or tow some vehicles.

advanced towing ... =639837898

advanced sling loading ... =615007497

Sometimes we will play with AIs. But the commands from vanilla are sometimes not good enough or we want to order them over the map. The following gives you a better command over these troops.

advanced AI Command ... =685037021

Since we are at the topic of commanding the following mod gives a tablet to equip. With it you can use many information, coordinate via map and more. It is worth a try.

Ctab Blufor Tracker ... =724582108

I know that this is a heavy list but most of it is worth it. If you just want to get the basics use the CBA, ACE, Shacktac Interface, TFAR, Double Weapon, Backpack on chest and maybe the RHS mods. Obviously there are more mods out there which could be intresting and if I find some more from the workshop I will keep you up to date.

Until then. See you on the battlefield.

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