Recruitment process

All Informations about our Recruitment process and terms for a Successful Application.

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Recruitment process

Postby Ready! » Mon Dec 29, 2014 6:32 am

as you visit this Forum here, we are taking the fact that you are interested to join our team, please read the following attentive!

We will now go thru some certain points to help you with your Application - step by step.

As first you need to Register on our page to get access to this Forum, if you are already logged in we will go to the next step.

Now, read our Server Rules as well our Terms of Membership and make sure that you confirm your self with it.

Now use this form to start your application by opening a new Topic.

> Note : Copy & Paste this Form into a new Topic to fill out your Personal Info and write your application below. You can skip some parts if you dont like to share the Informations on the public! <

Your real name and age

Country / City :

Steam - User name / Account ID :

Actual In game Nick :

Wich Game is your actual Favorite :

What does the letters "ITS" stands for:

Did you read and accepted our Terms of Membership as well our Server rules - Yes / No :

Please state in your application why you want to join us and tell us something about yourself :
I do not expect you to be perfect, but I want you to always work towards that!

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