not really an introduction

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not really an introduction

Postby sander » Tue Jan 30, 2018 11:22 pm

As the intro said its not an introduction but more a goodby.

Many of you saw the post of Matt leader of SOG returned to revive SOG, but not all of you know that my online adventure of being a part of a community like ITS en SOG started there a bit before i turned 16. SOG has always felt like home even after the years away it instantly was like it was never away. Thats why i made the decision to leave ITS and rejoin SOG.

for ITS there is not much that will change the servers will continue to run only swat 4(vanilla) or arma3 will close, and i won't be around on the forums anymore. if you have a question for me you can always contact me on steam or discord.

it has been a pleasure serving with you these past few years and i wish you all the best in your futures.


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Re: not really an introduction

Postby Recon » Wed Jan 31, 2018 11:40 am

So sad to lose you... even tho you are always in steam ;)

After Matt's post i expected this (should blame him for stealing one of our member ^^), and totally understand your decision... but still part of me can't accept it for now :cry:

Thank you for being a part of ITS for almost 3 year (if we accounted right ;) ) and for all that big job you did for this community.

I wish you to find in SOG all that you lost when SOG went down :)

Hope to stay friends after all these changes :)

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