SWAT 4 Training (11.03.2018)

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SWAT 4 Training (11.03.2018)

Postby Eddie » Mon Mar 05, 2018 12:06 am

I wouHello everyone,

Next training will contain basic training on demand, advanced training and if time is left we can play a life mission. We are going to cover a coordinated entry method called "Hammer and Anvil" and will go more into detail with dynamic Saturation.

For that you can take a look at the fallowing pages if you like:

Saturation: Rooms
Saturation: Hallways
Hammer and Anvil

With best regards,

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Re: SWAT 4 Training (11.03.2018)

Postby Pongsaklek » Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:23 pm

Dynamic clearing. Connected rooms
1. Breacher opens the door and steps back.The team drops a flashbang.
2. #1 enters into the first room quickly clearing the doorway. He turns right to the first threat, takes the domination position engaging the threat, then clears the rest of his Area of Responsibility (AoR).
3. #2 moves to the opposite side of AO-1 engaging the threats.
4. When AO-1 is clear, #1 and #2 announce "clear, clear, GO" letting #3 and #4 know that their can safely move through AO-1 to the next room AO-2.
5. The flow continious by the additional teams, consisting of 2 operators, till assault team seizes the whole structure and that becomes safe.
6. Variant - #1 and #2 moves through the structure clearing AO by AO, announcing "clear, clear, MOVING" after each AO is clear, till the contact with a suspect or a civ is made. After contact their announce "clear, clear, Go" letting the trailing team to take point.
1st variant is safer, 2nd variant is faster.
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