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YoursTruly Application

Postby YoursTruly » Thu Mar 28, 2019 8:15 pm

Country / City : Poland
Steam - User name / Account ID : YoursTruly
Actual In game Nick : YoursTruly

Wich Game is your actual Favorite :
It's actually a hard question.. I spent A LOT of time in Arma (especially Arma 3), but Life Is Strange had the biggest impact on me, while Witcher 3 amazed me by the world and story telling.

What does the letters "ITS" stands for: Instinct Tactical Squad (duh!)
Did you read and accepted our Terms of Membership as well our Server rules - Yes / No : Yes

Please state in your application why you want to join us and tell us something about yourself :
I have been ordered to joi.. just joking ;) I've played my share of SWAT4 and I always likes the style of ITS. Out-of-the-game friendliness is also a nice addition. And my favorite Recon is from ITS so I couldn't resist ;)
And who am I? Just a programmer from the border country between east and west. I enjoy tactical shooters and logistics management games.

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Re: YoursTruly Application

Postby DefCon5 » Thu Mar 28, 2019 8:33 pm

That was unexpected..
Hey YoursTruly, im glad you made this application..

Finally my agents started their work:D It is really great to see your application to the Squad!
I would like to recruit you to the ITS Unit immediately.

Since we know each other for a looong time now and your basic skills are equal to our standards i have good news for you:

Your application has been reviewed and you will be promoted to the rank of:

From now on please change your nick INGAME into ITS|Yournick|Rct. - Steam / Discord is optional.

Im looking forward to start up some trainings with you to get you updated on our current set of tactics and some great rounds of teamwork & tactics with you and the crew!

Best regards,
I do not expect you to be perfect, but I want you to always work towards that!

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